Linum-alpinum-BS090414-S202From the days of the beloved film which never forgave errors, the developer and fixer in the darkroom which stained your fingers and the manual cameras and lenses, heavy enough to double as a weapon of self-defence, only rarely have I been without a camera within easy reach. Today the technology has changed, but the challenge is still the same… to work together with the light, shadows and colours to reproduce and communicate what I see through the lens, whether it is a landscape, reflections on water, the furtive foraging of a squirrel or the gaze of an insect so small as to be almost invisible to the named eye.
Georeferencing: almost all my photos are georeferenced and integration with GPS and GIS techniques transforms them into a powerful tool for study, communication… or sometimes condemnation.
Equipment: they say that equipment doesn’t make a photographer… and they’re quite right! But supplying professional quality images necessitates equally professional equipment.
Flickr: I’ll be creating galleries here on soon, but in the meantime, you can see a selection of my photos on Flickr.