CF4B10-D078I have had an unbounded and exaggerated love for nature since I was born. My first words were the Latin names of plants taught me by my botanist father and I took my first faltering steps following the tracks of hedgehogs and foxes in the British countryside. The climate, rocks and water, plants and animals, not to mention all things in between… everything fascinates me, everything excites me. Over the years, I have learnt many things, but the most important is that no-one can know everything. So given that my curiosity is insatiable, as is my commitment to accuracy, I am always ready to contact my numerous specialist and expert friends to ask, listen and learn. Biologists, entomologists, botanists, ecologists, zoologists, geologists and ornithologists, freshwater experts and environmental education… many working in national institutions and organisations, including the WWF, the Italian National Research Council and the State Forestry Corps. A network of genuine friends I can rely on for informal scientific and technical support or more formal collaboration for projects requiring specific knowledge.