Something to say…

Words which tell a story, which describe, inform and move. Words which barely skim the consciousness or go straight to the heart. I’ve been working with words for my whole life, first in England as a journalist and author of text for brochures, leaflets, press conferences and information panels; then during the last almost twenty five years in Italy, translating all kinds of text from Italian to English. So I’ve learnt a bit about words. And I know that translating doesn’t just mean transferring the words one by one from one language to another, but rather interpreting and communicating their message in the most effective way possible, respecting the style and intention of the original language. Today almost everyone knows a smattering of English and there are a multitude of good (and not so good) translators on the market. But not all can boast more than twenty years’ professional experience in the sector, use of specific computer tools (Computer Aided Translation or CAT) and above all the knowledge of nature and the environment necessary to avoid making a fool of themselves (and the client) with wrong translations… although it could make the English speaking reader smile to think of a moorhen (Gallinula chloropus, “gallinella”) swimming at a depth of 100 m in the sea or a tub gurnard (Chelidonichthys lucernus, “gallinella” again) with black plumage stomping among the rushes on the bank of a pool.
So translations of websites, leaflets, press releases and text for information panels, but also voiceovers for videos and language assistance before and after events, conferences and guided visits, always with the enthusiasm of being able to communicate, with both written and spoken words, my passion for the natural world which surrounds us.